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The Studio

Gear is only a tool, it does not create the sound. The person running it does.

The Studio

SG Studios is proud to announce our exciting new developments as we celebrate 20 years of providing quality recordings at 8131 White Settlement Road in Fort Worth Texas.


SG Studios recently remodeled their recording spaces, accomplishing efficient, more affordable sessions for their clients. Owner, producer Greg White used as much reclaimed wood as possible, adding a beautiful aesthetic as well as a warmer sound.


In addition to offering proven chart topping producing, recording, and mixing, SG Studios now offers marketing assistance and a mentoring system to help its clients achieve greater visibility and financial success at no extra charge.


“I am tired of seeing clients come in and record a great project and then just give up. The music business is hard enough; but if you love it, and are willing to work, you can be successful. I want to show my clients how to do it.” says Greg.


White graduated from Belmont University in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in music. He managed and transformed a studio in Texarkana, Texas from 2001 to 2006. In 2006, Greg, his wife Sara, and son Simon, relocated to Fort Worth purchasing SG Studios, which had been established 10 years earlier. Building upon previous owner Darren Brown’s foundation, White has built a studio that equals the highest standard of the recording industry while still giving his clients a comfortable and relaxing environment to create.


SG Studios has had the privilege to work with Mark Chestnut, Gary P. Nunn, Jamie Richards, Lee Ann Rimes, The Toadies, Luke Wade, and Joe Walsh as well as many other up and coming bands and artists. As a TCMA nominated producer of the year, White has recorded two number 1 singles, five top 5 singles, ten top 10 singles, and many charting singles on the Texas Country Chart. White has also produced four Top 10 songs on the ICGMA Christian Chart.


“My vision for myself and SG Studios is to create new ideas to help artists and bands, on any budget, to record quality projects and to have a positive impact on the music community while pushing myself to go as far as I can for each client”…Greg White

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