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Our Company

At SG Studios we have a mission to help our clients have a  great creative studio experience.

Our Mission

My mission is to provide a positive and successful experience for my clients while pushing them to perform to their fullest potential and guiding them to create a unique project that is successful for them both artistically and financially. I help to create this by mentoring my clients not only in the recording process but with new ideas in marketing to help them become financially sustainable.

Guiding Principles

My belief is first and foremost in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who I trust to hold me true to an ethic of honesty and integrity. I also believe in knowledge and hard work. I hope to instill in my clients the same belief that hard work with knowledge and integrity pays off. Recording an album is not enough. Recording a great album is not enough. Having the knowledge to release that album as well as the steps to promote and market that album is a must.


My vision for myself and SG Studios is to create new ideas to help artists and bands on any budget to record quality projects and to have a positive impact on the music community while pushing myself to go as far as I can for each client.

How I will fulfill my mission

-Maintain a quality modern recording facility that is a creative environment for myself and my clients to work.

-I will continue to daily educate myself about modern recording techniques, current music trends, and creative ways for artist to become financially sustainable in the industry.

-Network with other music industry professionals to open relationships in the market.

-Help my clients set up detailed marketing plans and help to hold them accountable.

-Be a positive leader.

Client Education

Let's face it the music industry can be tough to navigate if you don't know your way around.  Royalties, Performance Rights, Distribution, marketing, press, and radio releases can become overwhelming fast. Greg White saw a need in the music community and now offers a free project release consultation after any EP or Album.

“I got tired of seeing clients come in and record a great project and then just give up. The music business is hard enough; but if you love it, and are willing to work, you can be successful. I want to show my clients how to do it.” says Greg.

We  help our clients set up custom release plans, and educate them on the parts of the industry and marketing they may not know. We open our clients eyes to unique marketing ideas, setting up their music business for success, as well as marketing and merchandising ideas to earn much more income. 

We try to customize each plan for each artist but the key points we hit are:

  • Business Setup

  • Project Release Plan

  • Performance Rights

  • Copyright

  • Distribution

  • Press

  • Radio Releases

  • Merchandising

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