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SG Studios is excited to offer SG’s Creative Credit - a flexible payment solution for artists and musicians who need financial assistance to bring their dream project to life at SG Studios. Creative Credit allows you to make affordable payments over a negotiable term - from a few months to 5 years. With interest rates as low as 2%*, Creative Credit provides better terms than most commercial loans.


After your project is completed, you’ll receive a free 2 hour business consultation - ensuring that you have a basic knowledge of the skills you’ll need to promote and market your project effectively. 


Benefits of using Creative Credit:


  • We understand that a great recording can be expensive. Bringing your creative vision to life means taking on production costs, studio musicians, and more. Creative Credit gives you an opportunity to make sure you’re not limited by the amount of money you currently have.

  • Automated payments - Our system is set up to automatically withdraw your payments from your checking account or credit card, so you never forget to make a payment.

  • No new credit card - Most financing today is tied in with a credit card. Unless you close the account, you have to keep track of that card forever. With Creative Credit, once you’ve paid off your loan, there’s no account to keep up with.


*Depending on credit score and length of financing.  Credit check required.

Terms and Conditions

There is a $45.00 application fee, but if credit is extended and used for services at SG Studios the application fee will be waved. The application will also be waved if the applicant can prove their credit.  Credit may only be used for goods and services provided by SG Studios.  All monthly payments must be made via automated ACH or Credit Card withdrawals. Creative Credit may not be used for CD/Vinyl Pressing or Photography. Payment plans are only available for projects exceeding $650.00.  Additional terms and conditions are set forth in SG Studio’s Commercial Credit Application and Installment Contract.


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