The Recording Process

The Recording Process

If you are unfamiliar with the basic recording process this list should help with some terms as well as the process.

1. Pre-Production Meeting
- Meeting prior to recording
- Finalize songs, arrangements, instrumentation, keys, tempos, lyrics and mood of each song.

2. Rhythm Section Tracking
- The recording of the main instruments
- Rhythm section (Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, or Keys) is generally recorded first. (The foundation)
- These instruments are recorded at the same time to achieve a cohesive live feel.
- A "Scratch Vocal" is recorded while the rhythm tracks are recorded to help with the feel. The scratch
vocal will not be kept.

3. Overdubs
- Recording additional instruments such as electric guitars, strings, steel, etc.
- Final lead vocals
- Background vocals

4. Editing/Vocal tuning/Comping
- Cleaning up the audio and making sure it is free of unwanted noises or edit clips.
- “Pocketing” moving a vocal or instrument to place it in the perfect feel.
- Vocal and Instrument Tuning
- Comping - Putting together different takes to get the best possible final take

5. Mixing
- Creating moments of interest with volume swells or special effects to bring out the emotion.
- Setting the eq, volume, panning of each element in the song to fit together.
- Reducing the many individual tracks to just one stereo track that can be listened to by the public.

6. Mix Revisions
- Getting the mixes approved by the client
- Making any revisions to mixes to please the client's taste.

7. Mastering
- Formatting the music for it's medium. (CD, Streaming, Radio, Film, etc.)
- The final polish on the recording to make it stand out.
-Finalizing the music for the standard of the format.


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