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$250.00 10 Hr. Block

$150.00 5 Hr. Block

SG Studios offers a cozy and inviting environment equipped with a spacious tracking room and three isolation booths, along with a wide array of musical instruments, drum kits, and amplifiers readily available for your creative needs. The focal point of the studio is a vintage MCI 636 recording console nestled within the acoustically impressive control room. If you're a freelance engineer seeking a dedicated space for drum recording, music creation, or mixing, SG Studios is perfectly suited to meet your audio needs.


  • -Restored Vintage MCI 636

    - John Hardy MPC 600 (4 Ch)

    -Vintech 1272 (2 Ch)

    -SSL Logic Alpha VHD (4 Ch)

  • -Blue Blueberry (2)

    -Neumann U87 (70s)

    -Warm Audio WA 87

    -Warm Audio WA 47 Tube

    -(2) Warm Audio WA Classic

    -Rode NT1

    -(2) Cascade Fat Head Ribbons

    -Shure KSM 44

    -Oktava MK-319

    -Sennheiser MD 421

    -Audio Technica 4033a

    -EV N/D 468

    -EV CS15

    -2 EV RE20

    -(2) AKG c451e (match pair)

    AKG D112

    (2) Crown CM-700 (match pair)

    AKG D707e

    Shure SM7B

    AEA r84 Ribbon 

  • -Dynaudio LYD 48 (3 way)

    -Dynaudio BM5-A (2 way)

    -Yamaha NS-10s

    -8 Hearback Pro Personal Mixer​s​


    AKG 240 (8)

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (4)

    Fostex T-20

    Sony MDR-7506

  • -Oram Sonicomp 2 Ch Compressor

    -Chameleon Labs 7720 2 Ch Compressor

    -DBX 160x Compressor

    -Symetrix 525 2 Ch Compressor

    -WA 76 Comp

    -Valley People Kepex 

    -Valley People Gain Brain

    -Valley People Commander

    -Valley People Maxi Q

    -Valley People DSP

    -Ashley SC-55 Modified

  • -Beasley Rockett (Trainwreck Copy)

    -Beasley Custom Built Princeton 

    -Vintage Traynor 

    -Marshall JCM-800

    -Custom ToneTubby 12 Cabinet

    -Custom 10 in Open Back 

    -Custom 4 10 Cab

    -Morgan 112 Cab

    -Lots of vintage guitar pedals

  • -NI 88 Key Weighted Key

    -M-Audio Oxygen 40 Controler

    -Fender Thinline American Tele

    -Fender Strat Custom Shop 

    -Fender Strat with Midi Pickup

    -2 Larivee D-03R Acoustic

    -Yamaha FG-260 12 String-

    G&L L-2500 Bass

    -Marquis Banjo

    -Various Percussion Instruments

    -Yamaha Melodica

    -Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Kit

    -1954 Leedy Drum Kit

    -Pearl Masters Kit

    -Gretch Kit

For booking text or call Greg White @


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