Being Prepared for My Session at SG Studios

Being Prepared for My Session at SG Studios

Thank you so much for your business and trusting us with your music project. We want all of our Client Family to have a creative and successful recording experience during their stay with us.

Single Release Checklist

Single Release Checklist

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a bit of information about releasing your music into the world. A few years ago I saw a need to help our clients know more about releasing and marketing their music. It always breaks my heart to work on an incredible project that never gets heard. So with that being said, a little luck, and some hard work we can increase our chances of getting heard 1000% by following a few steps.
*If you are unsure of any of the things I am talking about here google search it. If you still do not understand we would be glad to help you set up a custom plan to release
your music.

The Recording Process

The Recording Process

If you are unfamiliar with the basic recording process this list should help with some terms as well as the process.

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