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Greg White

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I pitched a song idea to Greg and he, along with four other pro musicians turned the idea into something that was much more than I anticipated. I don't have to wonder about what its like to record in a pro studio anymore. 

—  Steve Shackelford


    Greg White started his musical journey in junior high when on a trip to Alabama for Thanksgiving. While staying at a relative’s house Greg found on old Vox electric guitar and a Marlboro amp in the closet at his distant relative’s house. The whole week he did nothing but mess with that old guitar and amp. Upon arriving home, his father told him he needed to get the rest of the luggage out of the van. When Greg went to the car, there was the guitar and amp.


Greg grew up listening to the greats such as Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and all of the other popular 70s country singers while riding in that van. Now having his own way to make music, and at an age to break away from his parents’ music, he ventured into the world of rock.


Playing in many Christian Rock bands through junior high and high school, Greg went to work for a regional artist as his live sound engineer. After six months, Greg knew that was not for him. Settling back into his parents’ house in Texarkana, after being on the road for half a year, Greg was told he either had to attend college or get a job. The choice he made was college. 

While attending Texarkana College, Greg started his own home studio. In 1994 Greg attended a recording session at S.M.A.R.T. Productions with a classmate from school, who was an employee at the studio. In an effort to learn more, Greg asked to intern and in one week was hired. These era of Greg's musical journey was full of many different activities. Greg attended classes in the morning, worked at S.M.A.R.T. during the day, worked as a lab monitor in the evenings at the collage recording studio and traveled to Louisiana to play in a southern rock band every weekend. 

“This period in my life started a love for music and recording knowledge and I knew I wanted to learn more. 
But where?”


Nashville was now the obvious answer for Greg. Greg went into the commercial music program at Belmont University in where he studied music theory, arranging, and guitar. While attending Belmont, Greg started the Funk Jazz Band, Goodfoot, who played around Tennessee and Kentucky and went on to perform at Belmont University’s “Pop/Rock” Showcase and “Best of the Best” Showcase.

“Belmont was so amazing, I fell into a crowd of people who loved knowledge of music more than I could have ever imagined. Of course there were extra curricular activities but for the most part all we did is play our instruments, discuss theory, and go see each others bands. We all fed off of each other and held each other to a high standard of learning. Everyone I was around on a regular basis strived to learn more and to be more.” When Greg was asked to perform on a classical guitar recording session for a Christmas record Belmont was producing, he met some of the up and coming engineers studying recording at Belmont. This opened the door for Greg to play on many recording sessions at Belmont’s Curb Records Studios where he fell in love with playing in the studio. Greg’s last semester before graduating he had the honor of writing jazz arrangements for the Commercial Showcase that was performed by Sandra McCracken.

After graduation Greg was asked by a close friend to join the Ace Crye band who toured full time performing casinos and nightclubs all over the U.S. “This was a great time in my life. I had zero responsibility after all the hard work of school. We were in a different city every week, living in a hotel, and I was around two of my best friends in the world. Not to mention I was actually making a living playing music on my own for the first time."



"These were some of the best times of my life. We would stay out six weeks and then go home for one week. 
I remember I couldn’t wait to get home and by the time the week was over I couldn’t wait to leave. ”


“I learned two important things at S.M.A.R.T. Productions, there is always a way to get the job done right. No matter what breaks or what happens you can always get the job done right. No excuses! The second thing is I had to learn how to run a business and make money. The only way I could see to do that is to make our clients successful. If they were successful they would keep coming back.”


At S.M.A.R.T. Productions for the second time Greg had the opportunity to start producing records. He honed his skills at producing, arranging, engineering, and gained a great deal of music business knowledge while running the studio.


In 2000 Greg started the publishing company Blue Sky International Music to bring songs to his clients who needed material for their projects. In September of 2005 Greg was asked to join the Jamie Richards Band. Greg having recently been married told his wife Sara he would never go on the road again but this opportunity was too good to pass. So Greg scaled back his responsibilities at the studio and hit the road again a few days a week while still producing and engineering sessions at S.M.A.R.T. In April of 2006 Sara gave birth to their son Simon, and Greg left the Jamie Richards Band as a musician but added them as a client.

In June of 2006 Sara was surfing the net and ran across a studio for sale in Fort Worth, TX. This was the opportunity they had been waiting for. In October Greg and Sara purchased Sounds Great Productions and relocated to Fort Worth.

Since moving to Fort Worth and purchasing SG Studios in ’08, Greg has produced countless charting songs; 6 top ten singles and  3 top 5 singles on the Texas Music Chart, including #1 with Jamie Richards 'Drive.' In 2011, SG Studios won the Fort Worth Weekly's critics choice for Best Recording Studio. Greg has had the honor of  working in the studio with Six Market Blvd., Dustin Perkins, Cooder Graw,  Gary P. Nunn, Tommy Alverson, Walt Wilkins, as well as many other Up and Coming artists in the market.

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