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SINCE 1999

Providing recording studio services to Dallas Fort Worth for over 20 Years.  SG Studios is a premier Fort Worth recording studio. Are you tired of searching for the right professional recording studio. Click the link below.


SG Studios Fort Worth, TX - Our Mission

About Us

Our mission is to provide a positive and successful experience for our  clients while pushing them to perform to their fullest potential and guiding them to create a unique project that is successful for them both artistically and financially. 

Flexible Payment Plans

Want To Pay Monthly?

SG Studios offers a flexible payment plan so you don't have to drain your bank account to bring their dream recording project to life. Creative Credit allows you to make affordable payments over a negotiable term - from a few months to 5 years. With interest rates as low as 2%


Greg White has dedicated a significant portion of his life to producing and recording country music, Americana music, and rock music. With extensive experience in these genres, he brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of their unique characteristics. If you are currently seeking a producer, click the link  to watch a video about his process. Discover firsthand how his approach can elevate your music and bring out its true potential.


SG Studios provides a diverse range of recording services, catering not only to the Dallas Fort Worth area but also remote and online recording capabilities. With our exceptional recording rooms and multiple studios, we are equipped to handle most any recording need.


SG Studios boasts an exceptional mixing room that enables us to truly bring a mix to life. With our state-of-the-art facilities, we can accurately perceive and analyze the elements necessary to enhance your mix. Trust us to bring your mix to its fullest potential and create a captivating sonic experience.


Greg White is driven by a mission to support and educate aspiring talents in the realm of recording, as well as music marketing. With a deep passion for nurturing the next generation of artists, he strives to impart his knowledge and experience to empower emerging talents in the industry. Whether it's providing guidance on recording techniques or offering insights into effective music marketing strategies, Greg White is dedicated to equipping aspiring musicians with the tools they need to succeed in their careers.


SG Studios MCI 636 Console

A Perfect Place to be Creative

SG Studios has had the privilege to work with Mark Chestnut, Gary P. Nunn, Jamie Richards, Lee Ann Rimes, The Toadies, Luke Wade, and Joe Walsh as well as many other up and coming bands and artists. As a TCMA nominated producer of the year, White has recorded two number 1 singles, five top 5 singles, ten top 10 singles, and many charting singles on the Texas Country Chart. White has also produced four Top 10 songs on the ICGMA Christian Chart.

“My vision for myself and SG Studios is to create new ideas to help artists and bands, on any budget, to record quality projects and to have a positive impact on the music community while pushing myself to go as far as I can for each client”…Greg White


Listen to the work that Greg and SG Studios has helped their clients create.

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