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“Instead of doing what you already know works....you take time to teach. You pay attention to the client's experience of creating music. You are a good teacher, excellent producer, and someone I'm grateful to have gotten to know.” 

—  Rachel Yeatts




As a producer, Greg White pushes his clients to create the best music they can create. Under the producer scope, Greg helps them arrange, write, create vision, and perform their parts to bring out the most emotional performance they can. "Music should move people. I want each client to walk out with a positive experience and with a product that can financially sustain them. "

-Greg White


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It all starts with a great sounding room, some nice gear, and someone who really knows how to use it. Our tracking room is large enough to accommodate a large band. With 3 iso booths as well as a guitar amp room. Capturing the vibe....this is what we do!


Let us help your music come to life! Whether you're recording with SG Studios,  another pro studio, or your own project studio we can help turn your music production into a  professional project that will compete in any market. 


Let us take some of the stress of your release away. We can handle many of the tedious tasks that it takes to release a project. 

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  • Album Pressing

  • Publishing Admin.

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A place to be inspired and creative.

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Recording Studio Control Room
Fort Worth Recording Studio
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SG Studios Tracking Room One of The Best In Dallas Fort Worth Texas
Fort Worth Texas Recording Studio SG Studios Tracking Room


My mission is to provide a positive and successful experience for my clients while pushing them to perform to their fullest potential and guiding them to create a unique project that is successful for them both artistically and financially. I help to create this by mentoring my clients not only in the recording process but with new ideas in marketing to help them become financially sustainable.

Guiding Principles

My belief is first and foremost in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who I trust to hold me true to an ethic of honesty and integrity. I also believe in knowledge and hard work. I hope to instill in my clients the same belief that hard work with knowledge and integrity pays off. Recording an album is not enough. Recording a great album is not enough. Having the knowledge to release that album as well as the steps to promote and market that album is a must.


My vision for myself and SG Studios is to create new ideas to help artists and bands on any budget to record quality projects and to have a positive impact on the music community while pushing myself to go as far as I can for each client.

How I will fulfill my mission

-Maintain a quality modern recording facility that is a creative environment for myself and my clients to work.

-I will continue to daily educate myself about modern recording techniques, current music trends, and creative ways for artist to become financially sustainable in the industry.

-Network with other music industry professionals to open relationships in the market.

-Help my clients set up detailed marketing plans and help to hold them accountable.

-Be a positive leader.


Phone: 817-246-8590

Email: info@sgstudiostx.com

8131 White Settlement Rd. 

Fort Worth, TX 76108